How to adjust the gas stove

How to adjust the gas stove

Presently at every second in the house the gas stove is installed. From time to time it is necessary to perform routine inspections of its working capacity (serviceability of the crane which block gas access, whether is not present any leaks), after all health of owners, and, above all - lives depends on it. However, to secure itself and the relatives against problems with the gas stove, it is necessary to treat it seriously.

It is required to you

- to get the most convenient access to the gas stove;
- the gauze mask made of several layers;
- the soap solution (prepared in house conditions), for gas leak definition;
- set of keys;
- the device for check of level of placement of the gas stove.

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One of important factors, check of suitability of the room in which the gas stove is established and adjusted is. Check, whether the ventilating system well works. If there is no extract, surely open windows at the first operation of the gas stove.


Before installation of the gas stove, adjust correctness of its placement concerning a floor surface.


To secure itself against poisoning with gas, surely put on a mask, and only then start survey of gas system.


On connections of the gas pipeline grease places with soap solution then check, whether threaded connections are tight, whether there is no gas leak - on a leak place soap bubbles will start being inflated. If tightness is broken, use the tool for elimination of this problem.


Adjust the level of supply of gas on a torch by means of the gates placed on a plate at the time of operation of the gas stove.