How to construct power plant

How to construct power plant

Holland is not only the country of cheese and tulips. In the territory of this country thousands of wind turbines developing the electric power work. Why and to you not to build own power plant not to throw out monthly money for a wind, paying huge bills?

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Use for construction of own power plant the scheme of the wind turbine with the self-rotating drum. This device represents the hollow cylinder cut in half. Halves after cutting are moved apart in different directions from the general axis that at a sufficient stream of air will ensure permanent job of the wind turbine. To increase its traction capacities, it is possible to make not two - but a four-blade drum.

Make the cylinder of plywood, a dural leaf, the sheet of roofing iron of the suitable sizes. However at any option avoid to use too thick preparations.

If you decided to use roofing iron, strengthen vertical edges of blades, having enclosed a metal rod with a diameter of 5-6 mm under an otbortovka. Impregnate preparations from plywood (thickness of 5-6 mm) with hot drying oil.

Make drum cheeks of light metal or plastic. Miss the mark places of joints of a drum with dense oil paint.

Weld or rivet the crosspieces connecting a rotor and blades from the steel strips having section 5? 60 mm. However, for crosspieces you can use and wood (width – 80 mm and not less than 25 mm thick).

Find a two-meter piece of a steel pipe with an external diameter about 30 mm which will serve in quality of an axis for a revolving object. To relieve itself of excess work on adjustment of a pipe to internal holders of bearings before choosing preparation for an axis, find 2 ball-bearings (it is desirable new).

Weld steel crosspieces of a rotor on an axis (if they at you wooden, paste them epoxy glue and fix steel pins with a diameter of 5-6 mm which will pass at the same time through a pipe and each crosspiece). Mount blades M12 bolts. Carefully measure distances from an axis to blades: they have to be identical (approximately on 140-150 mm). Having finally assembled the reel, cover once again its joints with dense oil paint.

Make a bed for a revolving object of a tree or metal corners, having welded or having riveted them. Install ball-bearings on a bed. Check, whether there is no distortion, otherwise it will complicate work of a rotor.

Cover all details of installation with oil paint in two layers, fix a set of pulleys of various diameter on its lower end. Throw a belt through a revolving object pulley connect to the current generator (for example, automobile). At a speed of wind of 10 m/s this wind turbine will be able to provide power to 800 W.