As the history of matches Russia - the Czech Republic on hockey developed

As the history of matches Russia - the Czech Republic on hockey developed

Opposition of hockey teams of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, and after Russia and the Czech Republic, always was extraordinary intense and dramatic. Matches with participation of these teams collected and collect on tribunes and at screens of TVs a great number of hockey fans.

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At the time of the Soviet Union matches with team of Czechoslovakia developed into the real fight on ice. The irreconcilable rivals professing the similar combinational attacking style of game the national teams of two countries approached meetings on ice with the maximum responsibility. If to take statistics of meetings at the time of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, joint account in favor of the USSR: 56 victories at 21 defeats. Twelve times of team drew.

Interestingly that both teams achieved victories in the main time. For all history of matches the winner will never be determined in an extra time or by bullets. The largest account with which USSR national team beat Czechoslovakia, 11:1. The most serious loss was with the score 3:9.

After disintegration of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia hockey relay was picked up by Russian national teams and the Czech Republic. During the period from November, 1993 to May, 2012 teams met 94 times that already exceeded number of matches of the Soviet period. In spite of the fact that the countries considerably changed, heat of fight between their ice-hockey teams remained the same. Russian national team won 53 victories at 35 defeats. The largest winning score for our national team was 6:1. The most great defeat – 1:7. Three times the Russian ice team won in an overtime, two times in it lost. On bullets the national team won against eight times, four times lost.

Analyzing statistics, it is possible to draw a conclusion that Russian national team in general kept that advantage which USSR national team had before team of Czechoslovakia. Nevertheless, the Czech team strengthened the positions. If in Soviet period the ratio of victories and defeats for Russia equaled 2,6, for May, 2012 it decreased to 1,5. Approximately the same result turns out and at calculation on a scoring system. A ratio of glasses at USSR national teams and Czechoslovakia 180:75 (2,4), and at teams of Russia and the Czech Republic 160:116 (1,3). The last (for May, 2012) the match between Russian national teams and the Czech Republic took place on May 13 in the World Cup and ended with a victory of our team with the score 2:1.