How to block the entering call on Nokia

How to block the entering call on Nokia

Unfortunately, even technically more perfect mobile telecommunication cannot guarantee you protection against telephone swindlers and calls against subscribers to whom you do not wish to talk. In case you needed to block the entering call on Nokia, possible to make it in several ways.

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It is simplest to block the undesirable entering call will be in case in your phone there is a built-in function "Black list". Read the maintenance instruction of the phone and activate this function, following instructions.

In Nokia smartphones even if such built-in function is not present, realize "Black list" in the program way. It is possible to find a set of free Call Manager, Advanced Call Manager, MCleaner programs in the Internet. Specify, whether this software is compatible to model of your smartphone, download it and establish as the appendix. The subscriber who will be entered in your "Black list", dialing your number, will be able to hear only beep "is occupied".

If you are the subscriber of the "Megafon" or Skaylink company, establish the service "Black list", having addressed to offices of these companies or having specified the text and short number to which it will be necessary to send a sms at operators. Service this paid, but costs not much – monthly payment makes about 30 rubles.

But also owners of ordinary, not multipurpose offices of the Nokia company should not despair. Create group in which will carry those subscribers communication with which you want to avoid in the Contacts menu. In settings of group put a melody "the sound is disconnected" and calls from them to you will not be audible. However, in "Not answered calls" there will be a list of those phones which owners did not manage to hear yours: "Hallo!".

On ordinary Nokia phone it will not be possible to block the entering call, but you can use readdressing function. Specify any nonexistent phone number, for example, consisting of smaller number of figures in readdressing settings. And the undesirable interlocutor will constantly hear in a tube: "Number dialed by you does not exist".