How to stretch a ring

How to stretch a ring

Over time the wedding ring can become you a little. Actually, you should not be upset. It is just necessary to address to the jeweler. Practically in any jeweler workshop to you will help to cope with this problem. The extension of a jeweler ring can be made in two ways: a vpaivaniye of a small slice of metal of the same quality and test or mechanical stretching on the rigl. The mechanical method of increase in jewelry by means of the special machine for increase in rings deserves more detailed consideration.

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It is necessary to check a ring for existence of various mechanical defects, such as low-quality soldering, cracks, scratches, various damages. At their existence it is recommended to eliminate at first defects, and then already to be accepted directly to increase in diameter of a ring.


Place a working cone in a platform opening so that tags on a cone and a platform coincided. To install the limiter of the desirable size on a working cone. To the necessary size there has to correspond the top number on the limiter.


Fix a ring on a working cone, from above it establish copper preparation.


Turn the machine handle clockwise until the jewelry does not concern the limiter.


Anew repeat process, having turned a ring. It is not recommended to increase originally a ring more, than by three sizes.