As Windows to reinstall quickly

As Windows to reinstall quickly

For anybody not a secret that Windows control procedure quite often borrows more time, than its direct installation. And sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to install quickly the operating system completely ready to work.

It is required to you

Acronis True Image appendix.

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There is an excellent method of fast installation of an operating system on some computers with an identical configuration. It is the extremely important that data of the personal computer consisted of the identical equipment. If certain devices, for example sound cards, do not coincide, you should find slightly more time for separate computers. For a start install an operating system on any personal computer.

Carry out this procedure in the usual way regardless of the version of an operating system. Perform the full Windows tuning. Update drivers for certain devices. Execute installation of programs and appendices.

When you receive steadily working copy of Windows containing all necessary additions and programs create its backup copy. For this purpose write down the DOS version of the Acronis True Image program on the disk store. Start this application.

Click with the right button of a mouse the system section of the winchester and select the Create an Image item. Specify a way for preservation of this archive. It is best of all to use the external hard drive. It will facilitate further work with files.

If you have no external HDD, create the new section on the internal winchester. Keep an image of a system disk there. Switch off the computer after performance of the specified procedures.

Connect the hard drive containing files of an image to the second computer. Start the Acronis True Image program from a DVD disk. Pass into the "System Recovery from an Image" menu. Choose recently created archive. Procedure of copying of files will take 10-20 minutes.

Similarly establish Windows on other computers. Update drivers of the necessary devices if configurations of some computers differ. As a result you in a short space of time receive the necessary number of the personal computer on which there will be an adjusted working operating system.