How to go to work in FSB

How to go to work in FSB

Work in FSB was always considered as the very prestigious. In the light of a world economic crisis many Russians dream to receive a workplace in power structure where the salary is in due time paid, there is a social package and privileges.

It is required to you

- good health;
- appropriate physical preparation;
- a package of the documents proving your identity, documents on education, etc.

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Gathering for work in the state security agencies, you have to understand that career in this department is not only prestige and social guarantees, but also the huge responsibility interfaced to various restrictions. Not to mention that this work is often interfaced to risk for life. If you are not frightened by cautions, and you by all means want to become the employee of FSB, you will have to pass strict selection.


If you have serious problems with health, are the close relative of the public servant, have nationality of the foreign state, lived (you or your close relatives) abroad, have criminal records, the application for admission for service to FSB can even not submit. Above-mentioned circumstances are the basis for immediate refusal.


In case anything from the above-mentioned does not treat you, you can appeal in local bodies of FSB of consideration of your candidate. Be ready to provide to the place of future work the tax declaration (the and members of your family) and a number of documents which the human resources department will consider necessary to request.


The main stages at which persons interested to work in bodies state are eliminated. safety is a check of level of physical preparation and medical examination. To come on service to FSB, you have to be brought up on a crossbeam not less than 10 times, run 100 m for 14,40 with, 1 km – in 4, 25 min., 3 km – in 12, 35 min. (standards are specified for men aged till 35 years). Therefore before direct employment bring the physical data into accord with the specified standards.

As for medical examination, here depends on you a little. Cardinally you can hardly change a condition of the health for so short term.


Provide the documents confirming your achievements in sport, educational and work in a human resources department. Sports grades in firing, single combats are welcomed. If you possess additional skills (for example, are the climber), surely report and about it. The knowledge of several foreign languages will also distinguish you from other candidates.