How to look at network settings

How to look at network settings

On the personal computer there is a large number of various settings. Providing a local network or connection to the Internet, requires special control of system.

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All settings in an operating system can be seen. As a rule, everything is carried out at change of parameters. On the personal computer all settings necessary for a network, are in the Network Environment tab. To see settings of local connection, press the Display All Connections button. Before you there will be a small list of all connections which are available on the personal computer. It can be both local connections, and connection of modems.

Press the right key on a label "Connection on a local network". Further in a context menu select the Properties item. There will be a small menu in which all settings are made for a network. As a rule, an important role is played by "the Protocol of the Internet". Right-click according to this column two times. In the column "Use the Following IP Address" certain number has to be entered. Also you should not forget that the IP address on both personal computers has to differ only in the last figure that local connection was active.

Network settings can also be seen and at the modem which is connected to the computer. Come into "A network environment". Further choose the connection corresponding to your modem. Press the right key, having selected the Properties item in a context menu. Further can see any settings which interest you. As practice shows, settings of connection can be seen, and also to change in USB modems. For this purpose open the program which operates connection.

This software is established at start of operation of the modem. As soon as open the program, press the Control button. Further choose a profile which needs to be seen or edited. You can edit various data in this menu. However do not forget that incorrect data can lead to a connection blackout. Try not to touch settings in which understand nothing.