How to prepare walls under painting

How to prepare walls under painting

One of labor-intensive processes in repair work is preparation of walls under painting. To cope with this task, it is necessary to possess some skills of the builder. Difficult to prepare walls under painting.

It is required to you

- pallet
- rollers
- cuvette
- hard putty
- primer
- fiberglass
- a bucket for hard putty

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For a start smooth out walls from the previous covering. If there was wall-paper, wet and remove them. If on walls there was a whitewashing, wash away it warm water. But if there was an oil paint then business will be, become serious. Try to smooth out the former painting to the wall basis, that is to the panel or plaster. It is possible to make it the pallet and if paint does not give in, try to make it a hatchet or a chisel. Anyway smooth out a surface of walls carefully.


After you exempted walls from old painting start repair of walls. Defects happen such as: cracks, the falling-off plaster or are even worse, a fungus on walls.


If on a wall there are cracks, cut through them more deeply, then ground. If cracks not deep, putty them basic hard putty and if cracks very deep, close up them solution. Happens so that pieces of plaster layer depart from a wall together with painting or wall-paper. Do not disregard similar problems. Take a hammer and bring down plaster to the wall basis, and ground places of chips also to a zashtukaturta.


Fungus on walls the frequent guest on the first floors. Take special structure for a fungus and put it with a brush, trying to rub in walls. It will help you to get rid of this trouble further. If on walls there are still any shortcomings which you saw, try to move away them to finishing hard putty.


The primer of walls will be the following stage of your work. You were convinced that walls are repaired - all cracks, holes, chips are closed up. Then start a primer of all surface of walls an acrylic primer as it is applicable to all types of a surface. Take the porolonovy roller, dip in a cuvette (special capacity for paint) with soil and wring out it. Now apply soil on a wall from below up and do not hurry. Try that all sites of a wall were grounded.


In order that walls in a consequence were without cracks, on them paste special fiberglass. This covering rather strong, it is not torn, keeps strong on a wall. Paste it glue for vinyl wall-paper and smooth with the special pallet. Dissolve glue as it is written on a box and let's it stand a little. Further take the roller and smear with glue a wall. Cut off fiberglass which will be equal to wall height, and paste it, smoothing from the center to edges. Paste the following cloth with an overlap on previous and the pallet cut both cloths. At you it will turn out that both cloths hang a joint end-to-end. When all of you paste over walls with a canvas, once again pass on them glue. Make it not to put a primer.


Now there came time of finishing hard putty. On fiberglass it is carried out for 2 times, such is technology of finishing works. Finishing hard putty is carried out on "сдир". Apply hard putty on a wall with a thin layer the big pallet, and remove surplus of hard putty from it the second pallet less. Apply hard putty with an even layer.


After hard putty dries, a proshkurta its small setochka which can be bought in construction shops. Do not press on a wall strongly that there were no scratches. And the last that you should make, once again all walls to ground it. Now they are ready to painting.