Than the Galaxy S III smartphone is better than the predecessors

Than the Galaxy S III smartphone is better than the predecessors

Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIII was announced in 2011, but on broad sale went only in May, 2012. - Galaxy SII - it differs from the predecessor in the improved characteristics, and also a number of new functions.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Than the Galaxy S III Smartphone Is Better than the Predecessors" When will leave Xperia How to find programs for sony ericsson How to return Samsung phone to the factory Main Improvement settings in Galaxy SIII in comparison with SII concerned the most operating system. The Android 4.0.3 version is replaced on 4.0.4 (also bearing the code name Ice Cream Sandwich). The touch TouchWiz interface in the device is updated from version 4.0 to Nature UX. As system requirements of the software increased, it was necessary to increase also the clock frequency of the processor - with 1,2 to 1,4 GHz. And here the volume of the RAM remained the same - 1 gigabyte. It is increased to 2 GB only in the options intended for the USA and Canada.

Despite possibility of use of memory cards (MicroSD, to 64 GB), in both devices provided also the built-in Flash-storage. But if in SII its volume is limited to 16 gigabytes, SIII is issued in three options - with 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes of the built-in Flash-memory.

The display is considerably improved at new phone. It still uses the AMOLED technology, but its diagonal is increased with 4,3 (or 4,5 in some SII options) to 4,8 inches. But the screen is not simply made more. At it resolution - with 480x800 to 1280x720 considerably increased.

Those who uses the smartphone including as the navigator, the navigation receiver capable to accept a signal from satellites as GLONASS, and GPS will please. It provides not only more exact definition location, but also faster reaction to movements. Also the available time after start of the navigation program is reduced. In addition, the barometric sensor doing the device by some kind of tiny meteorological station in a pocket is added to the device.

And here fans of the photo should be disappointed a little. Permission of a camera at Samsung Galaxy SIII is left same, as in SII. It still makes 8 megamiksely. And at a forward chamber which is intended for video conference, resolution even is a little reduced - with 2 to 1,9 megapixels. But quality of the pictures made the smartphone remained still high - they look better, than made many digital cameras.