How to kindle a candle

How to kindle a candle

To create festive mood in the apartment, it is possible to decorate the room with beautifully issued candles. But for this purpose it is not obligatory to leave the impressive sum of money in gift shop at all. It is possible to make unusual jewelry independently, using as a basis the remains from the burned-out candles and beautiful formochka. That paraffin accepted desirable outlines, it needs to be melted at first. It is correct to kindle a basis for future hand-made articles it is possible by means of several simple actions.

It is required to you

- remains of old candles;
- knife;
- pan;
- metal mug;
- wooden stick;
- plate.

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Cut each candle end of a candle on 2-3 parts and remove matches. Crush the paraffin remains by means of a knife and put them in a metal mug.


Fill a pan with water so that the level of liquid was no more, than mug height with paraffin. Place capacity with the crushed remains of candles in ware with water. Put a pan on a plate and warm up water on weak fire until paraffin in a circle does not become liquid.


For giving to a product of a solemn air add to a mug the necessary quantity of the sparkling spangles, beads, color threads or the dried-up flowers. Then mix these elements a wooden stick with a liquid basis.


For giving to future candle of other color crush a color wax crayon or make mix of a small amount of oil paint and gasoline at the rate of 1 g of dye on 100 g of the melted remains of candles. Pour out the prepared paint in the melted paraffin.


That coloring of a product was monophonic, carefully mix the poured paint with paraffin. If you want to receive the candle decorated with color stains, do not mix the components which are in a circle.


In order that when burning a candle, the placing was filled with a pleasant smell, add to liquid paraffin some drops of aromatic oil of a lavender, vanilla or orange or a vsypta a pinch of dry spirits. By no means for aromatization of a product do not use rose attar as it when burning gives an unpleasant smell and a soot.


For melting of candles do not use glasswares as such material can easily burst. Do not allow hit of water in the melted basis for a candle because in this case the form of a finished product will be non-uniform. Do not try to use the microwave oven as there can be an ignition for a paraffin melting.