How to bake potato in a foil in an oven

How to bake potato in a foil in an oven
How to bake potato in a foil in an oven

Potatoes – a fine garnish both to fish, and to meat dishes. That only do not do with it – boil, fry, bake. In the baked look, by the way, it as much as possible keeps the valuable nutritious properties and if to bake potato in a foil in an oven, to us they will manage to be kept almost completely.

The preparation time of 32 minutes is required to you Potatoes of the small size of 8-10 pieces; Vegetable oil; Garlic – 3-4 cloves; The Fresh greens cut small; Salt of a coarse grinding is better sea – 1 pack. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Bake Potato in a Foil in an Oven" How tasty to bake potato in an oven How to bake potatoes in a foil in an oven How to bake in an oven fish in a foil



Wash out potatoes in warmish water, if necessary use a brush for ware to remove the dried-up clay. Dry each potato a kitchen towel or napkins.


Pour in a palm of a little vegetable oil and grease with it each potato from all directions. Cut garlic gloves on slices 1 mm thick.


Cut off from a foil roll leaves, the size necessary to wrap potatoes. Put in the middle of everyone on 2-3 slices of garlic and a little coarse salt. From above put a potato, salt it and densely wrap everyone in a foil. Take a toothpick and make some openings in each such parcel.


Pour out the remained salt on a baking sheet or in a form, put on it potatoes wrapped in a foil and put in the oven warmed to 200-220 degrees. Leave it to be baked for 50-70 minutes, depending on the potato size. Try its readiness a fork.


Switch off an oven, get potatoes, develop a foil and lay out it on a dish, having strewed with greens.