How to find composure

How to find composure

Life is full of surprises and, sometimes, surprises not of the most pleasant. To keep calm sometimes a difficult task. But the suppressed emotions, constant stresses and experiences can lead to emergence of somatic diseases, that is the illnesses caused by an incessant nervous tension. Therefore it is worth learning to find composure.

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Do not store in yourself a negative. In aspiration to composure it is worth learning to get rid of negative experiences. Learn to forgive offense and offenders. Do not reflex too long, in detail remembering the unpleasant or humiliating moments. After all your purpose — not to resume the conflict, and to return itself a peace of mind.


Save positive emotions. Pay attention to any pleasant trifles: fluffy dressing gown, fragrant tea, tasty dinner. Think as a lot of good is in your life. More stoutly to realize it, daily carry out simple exercise: before going to bed relax and remember 5 (it is possible more) good things which happened to you for last day. After all in life a set of the pleasures independent of a financial position or the public status.


Live in the present, here and now. Anew enduring last failures or fearing the future it is impossible to be from harmony with itself. Believe in the best, try to keep optimism in any situation. It is as if banal did not sound, but life meets our expectations. Those people who believe in themselves and the purpose achieve the greatest success.


Remember: everything will pass. Do not go in cycles in problems, troubles, the majority of them will be forgotten in some months. Those minutes when it seems that everything goes wrong way, remember the relatives, after all they too need support, the help and care. Switch the attention of those who needs it.


Work involving all hands at work, the approaching examinations, creative crisis — if in the head the real chaos, and forces and mood on an outcome, it is worth making a break. Lean back in a chair, close eyes, relax all muscles. Spend some minutes without thinking of anything, deeply breathing. Then pour a tea cup with a lemon which possesses the invigorating action. However situations when it is necessary to do all and at once, it is better to avoid. Accustom themselves to make every evening the schedule next day and adhere to it.