How to connect a poncho for the child

How to connect a poncho for the child

In spite of the fact that the poncho came to us from the Latin American countries, it won great popularity among the female population. To little girls an overseas attire in which they look quite funny, also very much to the person. From a yarn "Grass" which hides all flaws to connect a poncho to itself or to the baby the even beginning needlewoman can.

It is required to you

- yarn "Grass";
- spokes No. 3,5;
- hook No. 3,5;
- lock lightning.

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To make a poncho, it is necessary to use technology of knitting of a sleeve "raglan" which will allow to receive a product without uniform seam. It is necessary to begin knitting with a mouth, therefore, for calculations it is required to make measurement of a grasp of a neck. Before getting to work, surely connect a sample for calculation of loops. For this purpose gather on spokes of 20 loops and connect 20 rows a front smooth surface (a reverse side – back loops). Wash the received sample, straighten on an equal surface and dry up. Make calculations for definition of quantity of loops. At final calculations consider that the raglan model assumes compound joint parts on which the even quantity of loops is necessary.

Gather 48 loops. provyazhit the 1st row a front smooth surface, the 2nd row - back loops. the 3rd row knit according to the scheme: * 6 loops front (right shelf), 1 nakid, 2 loops front, 1 nakid (forward borozka of the right sleeve), 8 loops front (right sleeve), 1 nakid, 2 loops front, 1 nakid (back small beard of the right sleeve), 12 loops front (back), 1 nakid, 2 loops front, 1 nakid (back groove of the left sleeve), 8 loops front (left sleeve), 1 nakid, 2 loops front, 1 nakid (forward groove of the left sleeve), 6 loops front (left shelf) *. the 4th row knit back loops. The most important – not to get confused in the 3rd row, strictly observing the scheme. For convenience note threads of other color of a place of expansion of a product that will significantly facilitate knitting at an initial stage.

Continue to knit odd ranks a front smooth surface, doing nakida only through each front row, that is in the ranks 7th, 11th, 15th, etc. All even ranks knit on drawing, that is back loops. Such way will give uniform expansion of a panel of a poncho which will have in addition beautiful grooves in sleeve places "raglan". In process of knitting and fitting determine for yourself the product length then finish the last row.

To connect a hood, from a mouth on spokes gather 48 loops and knit a front smooth surface (that it was outside). A reverse side knit back loops. At the level of the final height of a hood, divide total of loops into 3 parts, each of which will make 18 pieces. Leave middle (back) part of a hood on the main spokes, and lateral throw on the auxiliary. Continue to knit an average site, gradually getting involved loops of lateral parts (the same as the sock heel matches).

Tie with a simple column the received product on all perimeter (a hood, levels, a hem) 2-3 times. In levels sew the lock lightning. Decorate a bottom of a poncho with brushes (it is desirable not really long). Make a cord in tone to a product, insert into a mouth and make magnificent brushes or pompons.