How to receive the passport of the world

How to receive the passport of the world

Dream of all fans of travel – to travel extensively without visas and international passports. And this dream, seemingly, can be achieved at the owner of the so-called passport of the citizen of the world. Though with such document you will be able to visit only six countries of the world where it is considered legally significant, but its existence will give you the chance already on the basis of the full document to call itself by a spaceship and to show it everywhere where you would like. About such passport the speech, to be exact about how it is possible to issue it will also go.

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Now the passport of the citizen of the world officially admits only 6 countries of the world, among them Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Ecuador, Zambia and Toto. Other countries do not recognize this document yet. Therefore any embassy can refuse issue of visa if you submit such passport as the main document. Also do not recognize it and police officers or intelligence services. The international public organization World Service Authority (WSA) is engaged in issue of similar certificates. For many owners of these passports is a protest against bureaucratic system of issue of visas and international passports, for others – a way to find adherents, and for someone the identity card though it works not always.


The passport of the citizen of the world is the document on 40 pages with a blue cover. Give out it to everyone for 3, 5 or 8 years. The document in 7 languages is printed: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arab and Esperanto. On the first four sheets all will be registered your this, and the others are taken away for visas.


So, for registration the passport of the citizen of the world you can find the intermediary and through it to order the passport. And it is possible also most to address directly to the World Service Authority organization (WSA,


In the beginning request the questionnaire to the address: 1012 — 14TH STREET, N.W. SUITE 1106 — CONTINENTAL BLDG. WASHINGTON, DC 20005 USA. Fill it with printing letters and assure at the notary. Pay the cost of the passport which makes approximately from 45 to 100 US dollars.


Send the completed questionnaire with 4 photos and attach to them the copy of the receipt on payment of documents, thus in each photo from a reverse side write the name. The paid, requested documents will come to you approximately within a month.