How to find the lateral panel

How to find the lateral panel

In the latests version of operating systems of Windows family, namely in Windows Vista and Windows Seven, there was a lateral panel. It allows to expand functionality of the software in general. On it widgets and gadgets are added.

It is required to you

Windows Vista operating system.

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Initially lateral panel — this innovation of Windows Vista system, in the subsequent versions of systems of a clear boundary of this type of the panel did not exist any more as widgets could be placed in any empty seat. Quickly enough to find the lateral panel on a desktop of your computer: vertical rectangular area in which useful additions settle down (a calendar, hours, a weather forecast, etc.).

Using various additions, you can increase functionality of this panel. For example, in the right column there can be headings of the latest news received from the Internet, and also a weather forecast for some days. So this panel will become for you a small information channel.

If this appendix on a desktop no, therefore, it was not started yet. Therefore open the Start-up menu, click on the section "All Programs", pass to the Standard list and select the Lateral Windows Panel item. For its continuous display, pass to its settings through a context menu, give a mark opposite to the necessary option.

Unfortunately, not all full-screen appendices are able to work correctly with this panel, some simply block it. That it did not occur, it is necessary to activate a closing blocking option. Press the Start-up button and pass "Control panel" to an applet. In the opened window choose "Registration and personal control", and then "Properties of the lateral Windows panel". Give a mark opposite to the "Lateral Panel Always over Other Windows" point.

After introduction of these changes start addition of useful additions on the lateral panel. It can be made both through software of the panel, and through Internet pages of some services.