Who such Michael Phelps

Who such Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps – the greatest American swimmer. He is the only fourteen-time Olympic champion and the seventeen-time world champion. And sports career it is not finished yet, after all to it only 27 years. "A Baltimore bullet" as he was nicknamed by admirers, it is ready to new victories and records.

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Phelps suffered from a syndrome of scattered attention therefore study was given it badly. It hardly could concentrate on something and knocked down all people around it subjects. Often such behavior caused laughter of contemporaries, the boy got rid of it only in the pool where literally changed, turning into the graceful water inhabitant.

Michael was lucky, and he met the person who made out his huge potential. Bob Boumen trains the young man and to this day. Then, in 2000, Phelps became the most young participant of the Olympic Games in the history of the American swimming. In Sydney the teenager was the fifth. But in 2001 Michael established a world record in butterfly stroke at a distance of 200 meters. He was not also 16 years old!

But the real world sensation Phelps became in Athens at the Olympic Games of 2004 where he won eight medals, six of them – gold. Same year the young man entered the university on faculty "Sports marketing and management", but swimming did not give up.

The following Olympic Games in Beijing brought to Michael eight more gold medals, thereby it broke all records by quantity and quality of awards at one competitions. Phelps became the most titled athlete in the world. For the tremendous achievements the swimmer received from the Speedo company, the sponsor, one million dollars.

The athlete trains till some hours every day not to get out of a shape and to be prepared for new records. Out of the pool Michael – the ordinary guy, but fantastically charming and cheerful. He loves computer games, the TV, music and buckets with popcorn. Phelps has many friends with whom he spends free time. Still it has a favourite – an English bulldog Herman.

In 2009 to Michael there was an unpleasant episode – he was convicted of smoking of a narcotic grass and disqualified for three months. This time passed long ago and now the great swimmer Michael Phelps battles for medals at the thirtieth Olympic Games in London.