As in the Photoshop to replace the text

As in the Photoshop to replace the text

Working in the Adobe Photoshop program, it is possible to create the most difficult graphic works. One of enough often found operations is removal or replacement of the text. Complexity of this operation depends on in what format there is an initial drawing.

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If the image got to you in a format * .PSD, that is in the Photoshop program format, replacement of any inscription does not represent complexity – provided that the inscription is located on a separate layer. In this case open: "Window" - "Layers" or simply press F7. There will be a window with layers. Choose a layer with an inscription, then bring the cursor to the inscription and click a mouse. Now you will be able easily to erase an old inscription and to insert the new. When replacing do not delete at once all letters to keep a text format.

Much more often the user should work with the usual image of the *.jpeg format. Complexity of replacement of an inscription in this case directly depends on a background on which it is. If a background monophonic, choose the Pipette tool and click with a mouse on the text – you should remember its color. Press the tool of a choice of primary color (the top small square in the lower part of a toolbar) and write down these colors.

Having written down parameters of color, again choose "Pipette" and click with a mouse against near the replaced text. Now paint over the old text by means of the Brush tool. If necessary apply degradation that the background became uniform.

Again open the tool of a choice of primary color and enter these colors of the remote text. Choose the Text tool. Establish font parameters same what the painted-over inscription had. Bring the cursor to a place of the beginning of the text and click with a mouse. Enter the necessary text. If it differs from former, return back and correct its parameters.

If you have to change not all text, and some letters, choose the Increase tool and increase the necessary letter to such sizes when the pixel structure of the image (small small squares) is visible. Now, changing color of separate pixels, correct the text as necessary. Somewhere insert background pixels, somewhere the pixels corresponding to color of the text. This work will demand a lot of time and forces, but the result will be very good.