How to achieve ideal complexion?

How to achieve ideal complexion?
At each of us the natural tone of skin. Besides, the face is reflection of many processes happening in a body, showing some problems, malfunctions in an organism.
Will help to correct shortcomings, to achieve ideal complexion the special
"camouflage cosmetics".
The set of the tinting means where concealers enter, the proofreaders masking pencils has artificial shades - white, green, orange, brown. But their use, drawing by the thinnest layer on the cleared skin fingers or a latex sponge also levels complexion.
Orange "camoufleur" will hide intensive blue under eyes, cyanotic bruises.
The dark masking pencil will hide light shramik and whitish specks.
The greenish proofreader "will put out" a crimson vascular setochka and red points, heat-spots.
The white concealer will lighten brown pigmentary spots, dark scars, freckles.
The special attention to shading, transition from a spot to the general skin color is always paid. And finally surely all work is blotted with a napkin for removal of surplus.