How to pay bills of SP

How to pay bills of SP

The businessman can pay the bills which are made out him as from the account, and cash through third-party banks. At payment from the settlement account of SP it is possible to deliver in bank the payment order on paper or to create it in system Bank client and to transfer to execution in electronic form.

It is required to you

- the invoice with requisites of the recipient of payment;
- money for payment of the sum in the account and the commission of bank;
- visit to bank (not in all cases);
- the payment order (not in all cases);
- computer;
- Internet access (not in all cases);
- Bank client (not in all cases).

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If you prefer to make payment of account cash through Sberbank or other credit organization, you will need to fill in the receipt independently. It is possible to make it on the computer in the presence of the electronic form of the receipt (the receipt of Sberbank easy to find in the Internet) or directly on a place by hand.


Then it is necessary to address to the bank operator and to transfer him the completed receipt and money.
The main lack of this way - it is necessary to enter requisites by hand so the probability of mistakes is very high. It is best of all to receive whenever possible the account in electronic form and to copy the necessary values from it.
In the field for a purpose of payment in it and other cases No. payment of account is enough to write "... from (date in the format)".


For payment from the settlement account you have to prepare the payment order. It is best of all to use the special accounting program or an online service (for example, "My business" or the Electronic accountant "Elba" - is provided in both an option of formation of the payment order). But it is possible to be limited also to a template of this document which can be found in the Internet.
You can enter all necessary requisites from the keyboard, but it is more reliable, as well as in the previous step, to copy from an electronic medium. Certify the payment order the signature and in the presence the press and carry in bank.


If you prefer to use Bank client, most likely, from you only name of a consignee, number of its settlement account and BIK of bank where that is open will be required. The system will pick up all other requisites automatically for BIK. Do not forget to fill in the column "Purpose of payment" also.


Certify the ready payment order by means of the interface of system a digital signature (usually by means of the option "Sign") and report to execution to bank. After the bank processes your payment order (you will see this information in system in data on its status), do not forget to print out this document with a mark of bank.