How to get rid of stagnant spots on a face

How to get rid of stagnant spots on a face

If you on a face constantly have eels, inflammations and thereof - stagnant spots, for certain, will not please you neither meetings with friends, nor the offer to go to the cinema. Everyone wants to have fresh and clean skin. But how it is possible to get rid of spots and of stagnant spots on a face?

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With skin young people aged to twenty - most often have twenty five years problems. However, at the wrong treatment or at all neglect to this problem it is necessary to fight against stagnant spots on a face for a long time. Therefore begin treatment as soon as possible.


Well the peeling, laser treatment help to get rid of problem spots on a face. Good impact is made by plucked massage. But you can make these procedures only in beauty shop.


In case of problem skin you have to forget forever about use of fat creams or ointments on the basis of lanolin.


However, in house conditions it is also possible to struggle with unpleasant spots and stagnant spots. Keep in mind that manipulations need to be carried out in sterile conditions, previously having processed hands spirit solution as because of the wrong treatment of acne rashes most often and stagnant spots are formed.


First of all, carry out face peel. It needs to be done over a water bath. Properly wash up a face. Will boil water, throw two tablespoons of a pharmaceutical camomile there (on two liters of water). Bend down over a pan, having taken cover a towel or a blanket. But be careful: do not burn a face with steam.


After a rasparivaniye of a time will reveal. Prepare a mask on the basis of a nonsense. Buy powders of a nonsense, white clay, and also hydrogen peroxide solution in a drugstore. Mix in a mortar in equal parts powders of a nonsense and clay. Then part them to a kasheobrazny state with hydrogen peroxide. Put on a face an even layer on half an hour. Then wash away warm water. Such mask dries spots, helps to fight against an inflammation.


It is simple to prepare also a barmy mask. For this purpose it is necessary 50 gr. dry yeast to part to a kasheobrazny state with warm water. Put a mask on a face before its drying. Wash away warm water. Such mask nourishes skin, narrows big pores.


It is also recommended to do at problem skin gauze compresses on aloe juice. Get in a drugstore tincture from an aloe. Make a compress of a gauze, having put it in some layers. Do openings for eyes. Dip a gauze in tincture from an aloe and put on the person. From above still cover a warm towel. Hold such compress on a face thirty minutes. At the time of an intensive acne rash do such compresses every day, then - three times a week. When the condition of skin improves, it is necessary to carry out such procedures once a week.