How to understand a horse

How to understand a horse

The horse is a clever and strong animal. To understand and tame him - means to find the loyal friend. Despite the size, horses - very gentle animals, it is easy to frighten and offend them. For this reason before being engaged in riding, it is necessary to understand and study habits of these prompt animals.

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Horses are very curious, thus they are easily frightened and let at a gallop. For this reason it is necessary to get acquainted with a horse following in a way: without sharp movements approach an animal, tenderly talk to it. Offer a horse a bread slice with salt, carrot or apple. If the animal makes contact - let's it you sniff, carefully scratch a nose and a neck.


If an animal timid, do not hurry - time that the horse got used to your smell and a voice is necessary.


Observe an animal mimicry. Ears upright, nostrils tremble - horses interesting, it has a playful mood. If ears are stuffed up back, it is the main sign of discontent and rage. If in time not to notice it, the horse can bite or kick. At such moments it is better to leave an animal and to try to understand: what causes such reaction in a horse?


Having seen an unfamiliar subject or having got to a new situation the horse will be nervous, give a snore, to muddle feet, trying to be exempted from a bridle. Tenderly talk to it, pat on a neck. If it does not help, and you need to translate an animal, the best means will be temporary to tie with a scarf it eyes.


In the course of game the horse can not calculate the forces and is painful take teeth a hand or the owner's shoulder. It does it not from the evil therefore you should not take offense at it.


Horse, as well as any pet, it is necessary to bring up. Therefore at once stop undesirable behavior. It is not necessary to use brute physical force - horses very sensitive beings, for them the hail or an easy slap suffices.


In order that it is better to understand these noble animals, read literature on behavior of horses. It is possible also to ask to work with you the skilled riding instructor or the zoopsychologist - they will help you to interpret correctly behavior of an animal that your communication with a horse was harmonious and fruitful!