How it is correct to put tone on a face?

How it is correct to put tone on a face?
Not the first year one of the most actual conditions of female beauty is well-groomed skin. What is meant this phrase?

Probably, I will not peddle old stuff if I call the following signs of well-groomed skin: purity, freshness, unity of tone and absence of any spots, acne, spots. But, unfortunately, not many can brag of the beautiful skin granted at the birth. Though, to all of us on pleasure, now there is a mass of various means helping to hide many shortcomings of skin which were acquired in the majority as a result of the wrong way of life.

Well, let's learn hide shortcomings by means of the correct causing tone on face skin.

And the first that it is necessary to make is to clear skin. The best assistant in this case will become mix of your usual means for washing and baking soda. However, if you on a face have any inflammation, this method of clarification of skin not for you yet.

The following step after house abrasive processing of skin is a tonic. Surely wipe a face tonic, after all they promotes not only to clarification of skin, but also deeper penetration moistening and nutrients which you will apply after it.

So, you already understood that after tonic it is necessary to put the moistening means which will become a basis under a make-up on a face.

Only after all listed above rules it is possible to cause tone, suitable for your type of skin and color. But, happens that because of some errors of skin of one tone it is not enough, then can use also the correcting pencil which has to be a little lighter than tone.

Be beautiful!