How to fill in recipes

How to fill in recipes

It is rather difficult to ordinary person to understand that in him it is written. Only experts - druggists and the friend druggists can make it. After all the recipe on medicine is written out in a special way. But if it is wrong to fill it, that is risk that the person will not be able to buy medicine necessary to it. Therefore physicians pay special attention to this aspect.

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At registration of the medical recipe remember that it is the registration document. After all on it drugstores report on the drugs sold or written out free of charge. Besides it is necessary that pharmaceutical preparations from the category of specialized poisons, drugs and other dangerous preparations were appointed only by that for whom it is really necessary.


As the medicine always used Latin as the official language and does it already throughout many tens centuries, and it is necessary to fill in the form of the recipe on Latin. Thus to register words and letters it is necessary accurately and legible (though for anybody not a secret that usually practically anybody cannot distinguish handwriting of physicians).


The quantity of drugs which can be written out, is accurately regulated. If conversation goes about strong medicine or about a preparation from a series of yadosoderzhashchy or narcotic substances, in one recipe only one preparation can be specified. If drugs rather simple, in their one form can be no more than three.


Consider also that the recipe has to be written out manually by a ball pen. By no means it is impossible to fill in such important document with paste of red color and especially a pencil. Any corrections it is not allowed. And as for reductions, it is only possible to use what are accepted it is international.


There are rules and on a preparation dosage. So, for example, if drugs firm and loose, write out them in grams. If the substance liquid, its dosage is specified in grams, milliliters and drops.


The form of the recipe has to be surely vised by the press of medical institution in which this recipe was written out. If the form is filled in with the doctor of private practice, it is necessary to specify the address of the physician and number of its license in the top left corner. Besides on all without exception prescription forms there has to be a personal press of the doctor and his signature.