About what Loznitsa's movie In fog

About what Loznitsa's movie In fog

Remains to a sensational premiere of the film "In fog" the Ukrainian director Sergey Loznitsa very little. This work will represent Russia at the 65th festival in Cannes. But the audience will see this movie only in September. To guests and participants of a film festival will carry slightly more. To their look this picture will appear much earlier.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "About What Loznitsa's Movie " in Fog "" Who is nominated at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 As passed opening of the 65th Cannes Film Festival That will be at the International Moscow Film festival 2012 On a genre "In fog" - the historical drama. It is the second work of the director. And it film critics predict the big future. At least, they consider that Loznitsa at the Cannes Film Festival has every chance to win.

The leading role in the movie was played by the graduate of GITIS Belarusian actor Vladimir Svirsky. The actor from Yekaterinburg Sergey Kolesov and the Muscovite Vlad Abashin got a role of guerrillas chasteners. Also Mikhail Evlanov, Boris Karmozin, Nadezhda Markina, Yulia Peresild acted in the movie. Inhabitants of places where passed shootings are involved in episodes.

Loznitsa's picture presented earlier - "My happiness" - caused many complaints. The director was accused of excessive cruelty. And "In fog", judging by not numerous fragments, promises to be so severe. It and no wonder. After all the actions described in a picture occurs in a wartime. More precisely – in 1942 on occupied German-fashistkami by aggressors of Belarus.

The plot is constructed based on the story of the Belarusian writer Vasyl Bykov of the same name which all works strike with truthfulness and accuracy. Not for nothing he is considered one of the most honest authors who are skillfully describing events of World War II. They also formed the basis of the movie of Sergey Loznitsa.

Action of a picture happens in Belarus. Begins destroying a plot of that guerrillas on a task go one of civilians of the village – the trackman Sushchenya. In their group came to the conclusion that it is the traitor, Actually Sushchenya in a false manner accuse of cooperation with invaders. Later it becomes clear that guerrillas were mistaken. Actually sentenced – the decent person who on combination of circumstances got to an unpleasant situation. But he cannot prove the case. Hoping to show the non-participation, Sushchenya tries to make a moral choice in the circumstances. But the result all the same was sad.

The movie, as well as Vasyl Bykov's work, comes to an end tragicly. But such is our history. Unvarnished.