What is the bul-gog and how he is trained?

What is the bul-gog and how he is trained?
Boole-gogi - the fried beef on a pillow from rice, with lettuce leaves. Favourite dish of Koreans. A preparation time - 40 minutes + 6 hours. In translation from Korean bulgog are meant by "the meat roasted on fire".

For 2 portions:

1) 200 g of beef;
2) 1 Art. of sticky rice;
3) sheet salad;
4) 2 garlic gloves;
5) 2 tablespoons of sesame oil;
6) 0,5 h. l. coriander seeds;
7) 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce;
8) hot Korean spices (or sambat oyelek).

Way of preparation.
Meat is frozen so that it could be cut strips 2-3 mm thick. Garlic it is thin cut across, seeds of a coriander press a wide knife. Pickle meat: stack layers, pouring them a coriander, sesame sunflower seeds, garlic, sprinkling soy sauce, sesame oil. Leave in marinade a minimum for six hours. Rice is washed out, filled in with equal amount of boiled water, covered and cooked on small fire to readiness (a sticky state). Rice (1 tablespoon) is spread on a lettuce leaf. Strips of meat are fried on the one hand on a dry frying pan, spread over rice, adding hot spices, displace a lettuce leaf in a tubule and given on a table.