How to control itself and the life

How to control itself and the life

In our life self-checking is very important. Each person has to be able to watch himself, the behavior, habits, words. His communication with other people, respect in the opinion of acquaintances, self-esteem depends on it. Those who are able to control and normalize the life reach big results, run business more successfully, than uncontrolled people.

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Start living on a daily routine. It is quite heavy to plan each step to lives and to follow the schedule. However it will help you to reach self-checking. Get the daily log and write down all the affairs, ideas, thoughts there. Transfer it for the period of your life. For example, you need to take away the car from service. Write down it in the daily log and define exact time for commission of this action. Now each your step will be under control. You will cease to forget about affairs which asked to make you.


Be engaged in the habits. The basis of self-checking is your habits. You have to or get rid of them, or completely realize their actions. For example, many of people are accustomed to wake up in the mornings and after an alarm clock ring "to give itself" some more minutes of a dream. Here you have to understand that your habit ruins you. You start spilling out work, important meetings and simply indulge the weakness. As soon as you are able to subordinate habits to yourself, it will become easier for you to live.


Make what you did not do yet. Go to holiday, go skiing, descend for work on other route. Let's your life stand. You have to be always in the movement, to be dynamic. Go to theaters, galleries, the museums. In a word increase the culture. Strike up new acquaintances, look for the new purposes in life.


Read as much as possible. With reading people absorbs a huge number of information. Its level of knowledge grows, the lexicon, outlooks on life and people extends. Let's themselves installation read at least one-two books in a week. You will notice changes in you and people around to you.


Play sports, fitness. It will help to strengthen your body and to control itself. Physical exercises temper will and respectively your endurance, self-checking. Especially sports activities will help to get rid of addictions, such as smoking and alcohol. Agree that is heavy to smoke and float at the same time.


Become the psychologist in analyses of situations of your life. Never "act rashly", try to analyze. If it is necessary, consult to the professional. Your outlook on life of other people has to become same, as well as on the. Besides the psychology helps to reach self-checking at the level of your emotions.