How to keep champignons

How to keep champignons

Champignons are mushrooms which part a large number of microcells, useful to a human body, is. But as they treat perishable goods, it is necessary to know rules of their storage.

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It is possible to store champignons in open form in the refrigerator no more than 2-3 days as they can be weather-beaten and darken. In a plastic bag the period of storage of champignons increases to 6-7 days. To store champignons very dangerously more long – they can do harm to health of the person.


To increase a period of storage of champignons, they can be placed in the freezer. There they can be very long time, without losing the useful qualities. However it is necessary to defreeze them in the portions and it is better for repeated freezing not to subject.


To freeze fresh champignons, it is necessary to wash out, dry, cut off carefully them superfluous and to cut on part. If mushrooms small, them it is possible to leave whole. Further mushrooms need to be placed in packages, densely to stick and freeze.


It is possible to keep champignons in the frozen look, previously having fried them to a frying pan with a small amount of sunflower oil. The mushrooms roasted thus need to be put in capacity and to freeze. A period of storage of the champignons prepared thus – 6 months.


It is possible to keep champignons and in a boiled look. For this purpose mushrooms need to be washed up and boiled in light-salted water, to cool, well to dry, lay on packages and to freeze. A period of storage of the frozen boiled champignons – 6 months.


Champignons can be kept if to pickle them. For this purpose prepare marinade. In 1 liter of the boiling water, add 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, on 5 peas black and allspice, 1 bay leaf. Add 1 kilogram of champignons and cook within 30 minutes. Remove from fire. Pour in 50 grams of vinegar and spread out on jars. Next day mushrooms will be ready to the use. Store in the refrigerator.


There is one more way of preservation of champignons is a drying which can be made in an oven, on the sun or in a shadow. Period of storage of dried champignons about 1 year. Before preparation mushrooms should be soaked in cold water within 2-3 hours.