How to find firm on phone number

How to find firm on phone number

To find firm on phone number, you should not write letters of inquiry to authorities or the tax inspections. With development of the Internet it began to make much more simply. There are sites using databases about the companies and the enterprises registered in different regions and the cities of Russia. And one of them – providing free access to the stored information.

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Pass to the site At the top of the page the main form of search is located. It consists of two fields which you need to fill: "What to look for" and "Where to look for". Knowing only phone of the company, you can find data on her only through a form of expanded search. Activate it, having pressed the corresponding inscription.

The fields "Telephone Code" and "Phone number" - different, it will allow you to carry out search of the company, knowing only its telephone number and without having data on a telephone code. Search in base is carried out by the inquiry gathered in one field and also by several inquiries in a number of fields if to you still any additional data, for example, the name of the city or the second phone number of the organization for which you search are known.

Enter phone number and fill additional fields. Press the Find button and the system will execute search in exact coincidence of a combination of figures of number of firm which you entered. By results of the executed search, all companies with similar numbers will be shown in the form of the list which you will be able to thumb through in the preview mode. On each page it is displayed on 10 records with requisites of the companies.

You can narrow search area if specify the geographical region where the company is located. It can be set by means of a telephone code in the AVS format which is attached to various regions of Russia. Same you will be able to make if before performance of the Whose Is Number function connect the additional filter "Region Choice" and choose the alleged region where the required company is registered from the offered list. These actions should be done before you pass into the mode of expanded search.