How to see the swf file

How to see the swf file

ShockWave Flash (swf) is an extension of the file of a multimedia format which most often contains the web page element including graphics, video, sounds and the program of interactive interaction with the visitor. For its viewing it is possible to use some applications both installed in the majority of computers by default, and established in addition at the request of the user.

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Use any browser for viewing of the swf-file which is built in the web page. If in your computer there is no plug-in which has to reproduce files of this type, the browser will automatically display the reference to the page of loading together with the offer to establish it. You need to follow the link and to start an installer, and after the end of its work restart of the browser can be demanded. As a result swf-files will begin to be reproduced automatically.

Establish as the player of such files by default one of programs from the company which is engaged in development of the swf standard - Adobe. Such programs two - Flash Player and Flash Projector. The first is suitable for viewing of videos in the swf format - at it more as any media player has functions of repetition, pauses, rewinds, the playlist, etc. To load free of charge and without any registration the latest version of this option it is possible from the site of the producer - Click on the Load button and in dialogue of saving of the file choose "Start". After that there will begin work the program fitter which questions you will need to answer. Upon termination of installation all swf-files kept in your computer will be reproduced this player on double click of a mouse.

Load the Flash Player Projector program if in a bigger measure interests you the swf-files containing a flash game and elements of web pages from the site Adobe. In it there are no panels with elements of management, all space of a window is occupied by a flash element. It is possible to load this version of the program for a direct reference from the site Adobe - It not an installer, but the executed file of the program which to you should be kept, and then to make it the program by default for reproduction of swf-files.

Use the media player as an alternative way of viewing of swf-files. Many of them can be applied as to single viewing a flash file, and to make the program by default for continuous reproduction of such files.