Why the cow needs a raincoat?

Why the cow needs a raincoat?
Question a little unexpected, but, nevertheless, the essential. As it became clear, cattle, and simply speaking, ordinary Burenkas, are very sensitive to temperature differences of weather. Especially it is noticeable when cows are fed on open pastures and are subject to influence of all weather factors. Depending on that, it is cold to Burenkas or hot their dairy productivity changes. Why the cow needs a raincoat?

Technically advanced Japan attended to a question of creation of comfortable conditions for cows. Scientists from the Tokyo university designed a special suit which is simple on a design for cows and is beautiful externally.

The suit represents a raincoat, to be exact a pelerine which is tied under a belly of an animal and a hood in which there are special openings for horns. Fabric which went for production of a cow raincoat unusual, its basis artificial fibers with the put covering in the form of the thinnest layer of aluminum.

Such clothes serve as fine protection to a cow from a summer heat, and rescue from cold and drafts in the winter. Thus, optimum temperature condition for a cow organism that leads to increase in milk yield of milk from such "woman of fashion" more than twice, than from her "undressed" fellow tribeswoman is created.