How to make the plan of a site

How to make the plan of a site

Your dream came true, you became the owner of a garden site or country house. Everything wants to do to you at once: to plant flowers, to build an arbor, to dig out a sandbox for children. You should not hurry. Before beginning large-scale work, you need carefully to plan a site of all objects. For this purpose take a pencil, paper, connect the imagination and forward.

It is required to you

- the geodetic plan with the indication of routes of underground communications (gazo-and a water supply system, the sewerage) and the level of ground waters

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Define forms and the sizes of a site. The more the site, the more interesting will turn out at you planning. Irrespective of a site form, having well developed imagination in existence, on it it is possible to arrange all desirable objects and it will differ in the non-standard. If a site small, it is not necessary to encumber it with fine details, reducing it visually even more.


Formulate for yourself purpose of a site: whether there will be it a country site with a kitchen garden, can in the future you plan to build the house there or you want to improve the territory and to sell a site more expensively. Depending on it, it is necessary to decide on amount of objects which you want to place on a site. Most often it is the house, a bath, a toilet, a shed, decorative flower beds, a garden, a kitchen garden, a lawn, a platform for children, paths for circulation, etc.


Draw the plan of a site today, such as it is. Designate borders, an arrangement of a traffic intersection and all objects which are available a site: constructions, landings, water lines, central sewerage and many other things. If a site rough, it is necessary to specify schematically the direction of a bias. Everything has to be scrupulously measured and applied on the plan of a site.


Apply all desirable objects on the plan. Thus it is necessary to consider sanitary standards and rules, interrelation of objects and their mutual influence. So, for example, beds on a kitchen garden it is better to have on sunny side, far from trees, and fruit-trees and berries - so that humidity was enough for them, but thus roots were in the distance from ground waters, and also consider growth of bushes in the future. If you think to construct a bath on a site, you need to solve where will settle down having merged for water. A waste hole and plums of water should not be near a well or a well with drinking water.


Pay attention to features of a landscape. If a site equal, it is possible to put a lawn there or to make a playground. Where many roughnesses it is possible to put the Alpine hill. Do not hurry to root out trees, they can not only perfectly fit into composition of a general view of a site, but also it is successful to add it.