Where and to kakhranit a mink coat in the summer

Where and to kakhranit a mink coat in the summer

Such expensive outerwear as mink coat, it is possible to carry only in a cold season. It is necessary to store correctly in its summer, differently it can easily lose the smart appearance and will serve absolutely not for long.

It is required to you

- fabric cover;
- case;
- means from a moth.

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Together with a fur coat get a special cover for its storage. It surely has to be fabric as in polyethylene the fur coat will quickly deteriorate because of a lack of air. It is desirable that it was dark color, for example, black or dark blue. The last will be ideally suited for fur coats of a light shade. But thus cover fabric should not be painted at all, differently it is possible to spoil such expensive thing easily. It is easy to check its quality – to carry out on it a damp white napkin enough.

Before cleaning a mink coat in a case on storage, clean it independently or use services of a dry-cleaner. Thanks to it in a new season it will look beautiful and updated.

Surely hang up a fur coat on a wide wooden coat hanger. If to use metal or thin, it can be deformed and sag and after that it will be quite difficult to return an initial form.

Store a mink coat in a case where sunshine do not get – from them the fur quickly loses the gloss and becomes dim. In an ideal, temperature in the room at storage of this thing has to be cool, but by no means there should not be damp.

Provide good ventilation of air to keep a natural wooliness and beauty of fur. For this purpose you should not hang up it too close to other clothes. Also it is desirable to put any means for protection of a mink coat against a moth in a case, for example, a peel of orange or a lavender. Chemical preparations cannot be used.

From time to time get a fur coat from a case and air it in the fresh air. If in the winter you carry it seldom, the fur coat needs to be hung out sometimes on dry frosty air at some o'clock. Then dry an hour more at the room temperature, and then clean it in a case. Thanks to it you protect a favourite thing from emergence of an unpleasant smell and for a long time keep its appeal.