How to take the picture more accurately in the Photoshop

How to take the picture more accurately in the Photoshop

Lack of image sharpness - rather frequent defect in conditions when it is necessary to photograph from hands and besides on a mobile chamber. It is possible to try to eliminate or minimize this lack of the photo by means of any graphic editor. In Adobe Photoshop for this purpose there are some ways the idle time from which consists in use of filters from Sharpness Strengthening group.

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Start the graphic editor and load into him the necessary photo.

Create the duplicate of the layer containing the original image. It is possible to copy a leyer having right-clicked on his line in the panel of layers and having chosen the Create the Duplicate of a Layer command in a context menu, or having simply pressed a combination of the keys ctrl + j.

Open in the Adobe Photoshop menu the section "Filter", and in it the subsection "Sharpness Strengthening". Choose a line ""Clever" sharpness..." - this point opens option of this filter with most totality of settings.

Give a mark in the field "Expanded" to add to the main settings two more tabs ("Light" and "Shadow") containing installations for brightly lit and shaded photo elements.

Pick up the most effective values of settings on the Sharpness Strengthening tab, moving a romper suit in the fields "Effect" and "Radius". Control influence of changes on quality of the image according to the picture of a preview in the same window. Check how use of filters from the dropping-out Remove list will affect photo clearness.

Switch to the Light tab and by means of three romper suit correct the settings made on the Sharpness Strengthening tab for sites with the increased brightness. Then do same on the Shadow tab for the darkened sites.

Press the OK button, and the graphic editor will use the filter of strengthening of image sharpness to a layer with the duplicate of the loaded photo.

Try to use as an alternative other filters from the section "Sharpness Strengthening" - they apply similar ways of increase in sharpness, but have narrower ranges of settings or operate only for separate areas of the photo. For this purpose create one more duplicate of an initial layer as it is described in the second step, and experiment with it. If necessary this layer can be removed, having right-clicked it and having selected the Remove a Layer item in the menu.

Keep the photo with the made changes. For a call of dialogue of preservation it is possible to use a combination of the keys ctrl + s. If you want to optimize at first the image (to pick up an optimum ratio between quality of the image and the size of the file), use shift combination + ctrl + alt + s.