How to correct a sound

How to correct a sound

Very widespread problem in the computer – malfunctions of sound devices. It can be caused by different factors, and to define how further to correct a malfunction with a sound, you will need to learn to which of devices breakage concerns.

It is required to you

- the additional reproducer for check of columns or earphones.

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Check serviceability of columns. For this purpose connect their wires to other sound-reproducing device and turn on it. Thus be convinced that the sound is not disconnected or not put on a minimum level of loudness. Also you can use connection of earphones to the sound card. If problems with reproduction do not arise, connect columns back to the sound card of the computer.

Try to check serviceability of work of the software for reproduction of audiofiles. For this purpose include one of them on several players in turn. If there is an opportunity, choose not one, and some files of different expansion as the problem can consist in a format. Thus be convinced that the sound on the computer is included. For this purpose double click on the corresponding badge on the panel of the programs working in the background and adjust a maximum level of loudness.

If the sound of devices and players is included, and columns are in working order, try to reinstall the driver of the sound device. For this purpose look at model of your sound card in the dispatcher of the equipment, download for it the updated software, establish it, execute reset of system and check result.

If there were no changes, try to find out serviceability of the sound adapter, having replaced it with another or having used built-in if that is available on your motherboard.

Try to establish on your computer an additional set of codecs for reproduction of multimedia files. The distributive K-Lite codec Pack package will be suitable for these purposes or similar to it. After their installation try to restart system and to check, whether the problem of reproduction of a sound disappeared.