How to connect sab

How to connect sab

Novice users of the personal computer quite often face problems at connection to the subwoofer computer. It absolutely no wonder – after connection of the device, windows means need for certain settings of system.

It is required to you

Computer, subwoofer.

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Before you start connection of a subwoofer to your computer, be convinced that on it the software for the sound card is established. It can be understood on existence in the control panel of the dispatcher of "Realtek HD" (start-up - the control panel – a sound the speech and audiodevices). If this dispatcher is not present, install necessary drivers on the personal computer. The disk with the audiodriver has to be delivered in a set to the sound card. As soon as you establish the software, it is possible to pass to connection of a subwoofer.


Pay attention to color of the entrance plug of a subwoofer. Insert the plug into a nest, similar on color, on the back panel of the computer. Connect a subwoofer in the socket. On a desktop you will see a dialog box in which it is necessary to set parameters for an exit. Put a tick opposite to the "Exit to the Central Channel/" point and keep settings, having pressed the OK button.


Click on the panel of tasks of a badge of the loudspeaker (loudness) and press the Parameters menu. Further select the Properties item. Opposite to all parameters put ticks and press "OK". Before you there will be a great number of toddlers, each of which needs to be put in the maximum situation.

The subwoofer is connected.