How to choose couple to a parrot

How to choose couple to a parrot

For full social contact of one communication with the person the house wavy popugaychik has not enough. Therefore sooner or later the owner of a parrot male reflects on acquisition of a samochka, and vice versa. The task is complicated by that these birds choose to themselves couple, being guided not only an instinct of a reproduction, but also personal sympathy.

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Choose couple to the parrot on a color and age. In an ideal both birdies have to have a plumage of similar color. An optimum difference advanced in years between wavy popugaychik - two-four years in favor of a male. If the female is more senior or is larger, she can peck the partner, especially, if he had no period of a molt noting transition to adult bird's life yet.

Look narrowly at character of the pet, and select to it couple, proceeding from these supervision. If the popugaychik sociable, suits it the same brisk girlfriend. Consider that among parrots matriarchy reigns: most likely, the samochka will be, for fun or seriously, to lift up a male therefore you should not take in couple to excessively active lady of the silent timid gentleman: there is a risk that she will peck it in literal and figurative sense of this word.

Try to take the second wavy parrot from the reliable seller with a guarantee of return of a bird in case she does not get on with the pet who is already available for you. As well as people, parrots have the likes and dislikes therefore it is almost impossible to predict their reaction to emergence in the house of new "family member". However, even bosom friends popugaychiki-nerazluchnik, can sometimes quarrel and peck each other. Therefore return the birdie who did not get accustomed at you it to the owner only in case of naked aggression from one (or both) wards.

Pay special attention to the adaptation period. In the first few days parrots will get acquainted, used to each other. During this period in couple are cast (main most often is a female). Do not pay attention to small skirmishes and fight for a perch or a forage, but thus take care that each birdie had the feeding trough and, whenever possible, the toys. If the relations between a male and a samochka are not adjusted in any way, and one of them mercilessly pecks another, do not wait, when all "love comes with habit". Return a new popugaychik back to shop and try to begin everything with the beginning. These birds can be fastidious in couple choice, but with the elect or the darling they remain for the rest of life.