How to send from SMS computer to Kazakhstan

How to send from SMS computer to Kazakhstan

Our acquaintances and close people not always live near us. Communication by phone in such cases costs expensive, but the Internet comes to the rescue. If your friends or native are in Kazakhstan, you easily can send them the free message on phone directly from the computer.

It is required to you

- Internet
- number and telecom operator of the subscriber

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Learn a name of mobile network operator of the subscriber. It is necessary then to choose the correct resource for sending the message. It is possible to recognize mobile operator in Kazakhstan, for example, here: Pay attention that on this resource number is entered without any signs. It will be simple to begin for the required country it with figure 7. On the Internet it is possible to send the free message on mobile to Kazakhstan for four operators: Kcell, NeoGSM, Beeline and Altel.

Choose the necessary operator. To you will give the reference to the official page in the Internet with which you will be able to send the message with guarantee. On some sites registration will be required.

Enter phone number of the subscriber. Some operators automatically insert a country code in the international format, and also the subscriber's code. You should specify number of the mobile phone simply.

Write the message, watching closely quantity of symbols which counting is conducted upside-down. To overstep the legal bounds at you it will not turn out therefore well think over the text. Do not forget to sign the message if you have no registration on the site. Messages from the registered users are transferred on behalf of the sender. Also possible quantity of symbols for them is twice more, than for guests of the site.

If you printed the message in the native language, and phone of the subscriber does not support Cyrillics, put a tag about an inscription "To make a transliteration". Then SMS will come to the subscriber, written by Latin letters.

Surely enter the code specified on the picture – you confirm with this action that are the real person. If figures are badly visible, update the image. Send the message.