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How to fight against a smell from feet

Our feet constantly in the movement, they work, respectively - sweat, trying to be cooled. But sweaty feet are a not necessarily badly smelling feet. Simply moisture, as we know, opens access to bacteria. And already these bacteria also lead to a smell.
How to fight against a smell from feet?
Well, the first that comes to our mindour mind is, of course, to wash. To wash purely and often. It is necessary to wash so much - how many it is necessary if, of course, you have such opportunity. And it is obligatory to wipe dry. It is possible to do bathtubs for feet. It is simplest to make strong tea and to add cold water up to the pleasant temperature. In such tray take feet of minutes 20-30. Carry out every day. Will approach, also trays with salt (a salt cup floor on water liter) or with vinegar (3 tablespoons on water liter). It is necessary to do them several times a week.

Very well contrast foot trays help. They help to lower blood current to feet and to reduce sweating. It is possible to do every day. After washing always use powder. It is possible to use the ordinary - the nursery, and it is possible to buy special with the deodorizing effect. Try to process also powder and the footwear. Change socks whenever possible more often. Choose socks only from natural fibers. Any synthetics!

Also intelligently approach and a footwear choice. Whenever possible always choose open footwear. Try not to wear the same shoes two days running.

It is necessary to look after footwear. The footwear always has to dry out properly. Try the special insoles for footwear absorbing moisture. But consider them it is necessary to change often on new, differently the effect will not be. And as always pay attention to the diet.

If we eat onions, hot pepper or garlic, aroma of these products completely will not disappear. It is allocated through sweat glands, including through what are on our feet. Occasionally, when you need "to be on all hundred" can use a usual deodorant an antiperspirant. It is an effective way to get rid of a smell but as experts claim you should not abuse it. I think that all these simple councils will a little facilitate to you life and will help to get rid of the unpleasant smell proceeding from feet.