How to establish sims 2 patch

How to establish sims 2 patch

The Sims – one of the most popular and sold game series in the world, and any analyst cannot tell for certain, in what the reason of similar success. It is obvious that the brand gained fantastic development. In particular, to the second part more than ten official additions and as much patches which sharply reduce quantity of mistakes and departures was let out, promoting more comfortable game.

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Check structure of a patch. There are two standard complete sets of "patches": full and partial. The first that is characteristic, update game entirely and can be put on any version of a product, even on 1.0. The second have smaller volume, however work only locally - for example, updating game from version 1.4 to 1.6. Use of the first option is in most cases more preferable, the second should be used only at full confidence in compatibility of the version of a product (it is possible to recognize her in the right bottom corner of the main menu).

Establish the official version of game. The cursor of The Sims is very benevolent to various amateur modifications, and therefore their huge set is issued. However, if too serious changes (large-scale additions in the manner of "The Sims 2 are made to game: Harry Potter"), they can cause problems of compatibility with a patch, and the product in general will cease to work. Therefore before installation it is necessary to make sure that all established additions have official character (it does not belong to sets of clothes and additional subjects).

The official patch is in most cases delivered with an installer. It means that if you download a patch from the official site of The Sims or through the Origins service, installation will be simplest. You will need to start in the downloaded archive the setup.exe file (or install.exe) then the program itself will define a directory in which game is placed and you will need only to confirm the consent with installation.

Often patches extend through fan forums. The probability is in that case great that installation will need to be carried out manually. The user should take files from the downloaded archive, then to place them in the folder with game, having created backup copies of the replaced fouls is will allow to return, in case of not operability of the downloaded corrections, everything to an original form. Upon completion of copying The Sims 2 can start: the patch will be already established and active.