How to send cards to phone

How to send cards to phone

To send letters and cards by mail – business of the last century. Today most of people use the Internet and phone for this purpose. Especially as in a network there is enough the sites with a huge choice of festive congratulations. The MMS with the bright picture will surely please your relatives. But how it is correct to make it?

It is required to you

Phone, computer and connection to the Internet.

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To send a card to the mobile phone, specify telecom operator of the subscriber whom you are going to congratulate. And also specify, what mobile phone model at it to learn a display resolution of its phone.


Then it is necessary to look for the sites which provide such services on the Internet. For this purpose you have enough to type the word "cards" in a line of search of any search engine and to choose one of a set of the sites with congratulations. Today similar resources offer the big range of animation congratulations which correspond to various festive dates and subjects: birthday, on March 8, New year, Easter and so forth, declarations of love, wishes of good day and mood, offer of friendship. After you chose pleasant a copy, it is necessary to fill in the following data: phone number, telecom operator, date of departure and text. Then it is necessary to choose a display resolution of the mobile phone and to send the congratulatory message.


Itself can also copy a card from the Internet on the mobile phone and to send it to the loved one by means of the multimedia message. If you want to carry out sending on MMS, it is necessary to process previously the image, to modify it under the size of the screen of the mobile phone of the subscriber to which the message will be sent, and also to check the file for existence of viruses not to do much harm to neither the phone, nor the addressee's phone.