How to fix a grid the chain-link

How to fix a grid the chain-link

The grid chain-link is an idle time in use, economic material which allows to mount quickly a protection, without resorting for this purpose to the help of the expert. The fence from a grid chain-link represents an easy design which does not shade a plant in a garden, thus reliably protecting it from penetration of strangers.

It is required to you

- level;
- wire;
- fittings;
- cable.

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To fix a grid chain-link, it is necessary to mount a basis of future protection. Usually the fence of the chain-link is done on metal or wooden columns which are reliably driven in the earth.

Prepare columns for fastening of a grid chain-link in advance. If it is wood, it needs to be oshkurit, processed special water-repellent mastic. Metal columns clear of a rust, cover with paint or mastic for metal, besides, on them weld hooks for fastening of a grid is an optimum option if you plan to make a tension fence of a grid chain-link.

If you are going to make a frame fence, except columns frames for fastening of a grid will be required. Frames do of wood, weld from metal corners or profiles. Height of one frame – from 1 to 2 meters, it is better not to do width more than 3 meters. After frames are ready, to them, by means of collars or a thin flexible wire, the grid chain-link fastens. Fix ready frames with the grid tense on them on driven in the earth, and it is better the concreted columns.

In case you chose the simplest type of a fence from a grid chain-link – tension, it is necessary to drive at first all columns, starting with angular and after that to fix a grid directly to a column. It or is fixed on the hooks welded in advance or if hooks on columns are not present, becomes attached to them by means of collars or a wire.

It is necessary to pull a grid as it is possible more strongly that it did not sag. At first tie edge of a grid to a column and only after that pull it and fix to the following column. Raise a grid over an earth surface by some centimeters if you wishif you wish to protect it from excess moistening – if stack constantly adjoins to the damp soil, it will quickly decay.

On the top edge it is better to pass a thick wire, a cable through a grid, fittings is also will protect a grid from sagging. Will be useful also if you pass a wire and through the lower edge.