How to prepare the capelin in a special way?

How to prepare the capelin in a special way?
The dish irreplaceable as sharp snack will also be appreciated even among all magnificence of a festive feast. The preparation process which is a little dragged out, but it is connected only with need of preliminary processing of the capelin which does not differ in the large sizes. But the result with interest compensates your works and will fill up a moneybox of house specialties.

The capelin – about six hundred grams;
Onions – one head;
Ketchup – or tomato sauce – two soup spoons;
Vegetable oil, pepper peas, salt and bay leaf.

Preparation order:

At first it is necessary to clean the capelin, process dreary, but without it it is impossible in any way. From each small fish we tear off the head and we delete interiors. Then we wash out accurately under flowing water. After that in soteynichek or a skovorodochka we pour vegetable oil, then we stack a small fish in one layer, from above we cover cut on ringlets or semi-ringlets onions, we pepper and we salt, we sauce, we add a little water (a half of a glass), we put a lavrushechka and we close a lid, we allow to protushitsya about seven minutes. After that we overturn a small fish and even protushivay about ten minutes. Our small fish is ready, such small fish a little ostrenky and very tasty. Bon appetit.