How to prepare a mushroom julienne

How to prepare a mushroom julienne
How to prepare a mushroom julienne

In modern Russian cuisine a julienne call a mushrooms dish in sauce under cheese. There is a lot of recipes of a julienne: he is trained also with addition of chicken meat, onions, potatoes, different types of mushrooms are used. Besides, sauce can be the various also: mayonnaise, sour cream, cream, béchamel. The classical recipe of a julienne includes only mushrooms, cheese and sauce.

The preparation time is required 31 minutes to you champignons - 300 g; onion - 2 pieces (optional); sour cream mayonnaise or cream - 300 g; cheese - 300 g (firm); chicken fillet (at will) - 200 g; oil; salt. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare a Mushroom Julienne" How to make rolls chicken with mushrooms How to prepare a tasty julienne How to make a lasagna with eggplants and mushrooms



The julienne is prepared usually in small portion skovorodochka which cocottes are called. Most often they happen metal and ceramic.


First of all include an oven that it managed to heat up approximately to 150 degrees for that time until you are prepares a julienne.


Mushrooms can be taken any, but it is best of all champignons. If champignons fresh, clean them, cut straws and fry in oil (best of all creamy, but it is possible to take any fat). If you use tinned champignons, it is possible to do without frying, but fried mushrooms will impact after all special relish. Lay out the fried mushrooms in cocottes.


After that prepare sauce: shake up 2 eggs with one glass of sour cream and salt. Fill in with this mix mushrooms in cocottes. Instead of this sauce it is possible to use simply mayonnaise or cream. Optional ingredient are fried onions which can also be added to mix with mushrooms.


Sauce can be prepared and in a different way, with use of a flour. For this purpose kindle about 30 g of butter on a frying pan, a vsypta 2 tablespoons of a flour and roast till golden color. Add after that 0,3 l of milk or cream (pour carefully, a thin stream), constantly stirring slowly. Leave on slow fire for half an hour.


Over mushrooms with sauce put grated cheese (better than firm grades), it is possible to decorate from above with greens.


If you want to prepare a julienne with mushrooms and chicken, chicken fillet should be cut in small cubes and to fry in a small amount of fat, to salt, pepper. To put chicken meat over mushrooms, to fill in with sauce and only over a chicken layer to put grated cheese.


Put cocottes in an oven approximately for 10-15 minutes. It is important not to overdo a julienne in an oven as then cheese can become a firm crust.


Give a julienne hot, eat this dish with small spoons.