How to correct stoop

How to correct stoop

Stoop, including scoliosis and lordoz, appears because of the wrong continence of a back when walking and especially when sitting. The backbone caves in in a breast, shoulders are stuck out forward, the head is hung down, and the neck "is pulled in". At stoop human height visually seems less, moreover, having corrected stoop, it is possible to increase growth by 2-3 centimeters. Therefore it is necessary to watch a bearing, in particular to people with growth below an average. As to get rid of stoop?

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To correct stoop, it is necessary to watch constantly how you sit, when sitting the house, on study or work. It is impossible to prop up the head hands. The back has to be equal, the head raised. When walking the head not has to be are lowered, and shoulders and a neck are drawn in. In order to avoid development of stoop when walking carry identical freight in both hands.


If you bear big freight in a bag, use backpacks with two straps. At first, some months, getting rid of stoop, yours the back and a waist will be tired. For their maintenance wear a special medical belt which straightens a round-shouldered back.


Stoop can be caused by underdeveloped muscles of a back. Then for correction of stoop it is necessary to carry out special exercises on this group of muscles. The expert, the orthopedic surgeon, after professional survey has to appoint a set of exercises. It is desirable to carry out exercises in a gym where there is a special equipment and exercise machines. It is also possible to strengthen a back and to get rid of stoop working with dumbbells.