How to grow up a garden radish?

How to grow up a garden radish?
Too densely seeded garden radish grows small therefore it is better to sow it on a tape, having seeds through 4 cm one from another. Small seeds need to be rejected at once – usually they do not yield of a good harvest.

Seeds for landing have to have a diameter not less than 2,5 cm if they are more small, it not only will affect productivity, but also provokes a tsvetushnost, plants easily go to an arrow.
Well loosen the soil on a bed, make grooves about 1 cm in depth. It is better to do grooves by a marker is will a little condense the earth and it will not allow seeds to be buried too. Distance between grooves do 20 cm. Well water furrows, spread out in them tapes with the pasted seeds or sow seeds and powder them with the earth.

When there are shoots, it is possible to strew them with small ashes or mix of ashes and tobacco dust – it is considered that such measures frighten off a krestotsvetny flea beetle – the malicious wrecker of a garden radish. If notice that leaves turned pale, at once feed up plants complex fertilizer (instant). Regularly water landings, without allowing the soil to dry up, mulch dry peat or humus (it becomes in order that the crust was not formed).
Clean a garden radish as required and growth of plants, without leaving on a bed even the smallest root crops.