As will pass the summit of G8 in 2012

As will pass the summit of G8 in 2012

At a meeting of leaders of the most influential states of the world - "Group of Eight", or G8 - are solved the main problems of world politics and economy. Therefore to the people who are interested in world processes in these areas will important know about the summit course in 2012.

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In 2012 the summit of G8 took place in Camp David - the country residence of the U.S. President. Its beginning was appointed to May 18. Traditionally heads of eight leading world powers - the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan, France, Italy and Great Britain have to take part in the summit. However the president of Russia beforehand reported to the press that it will not arrive on a meeting as it is occupied with formation of the government after elections. Instead of it the summit was visited by the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The U.S. President Barack Obama became the owner of the summit in connection with carrying out action in America. On Friday, in the first day, it personally greeted all representatives of member countries, and then guests went for solemn lunch.

Official meetings began next day, on Saturday. Leaders of the states should discuss a set of global questions. In particular, the condition of the European economy became one z to those. Not the first year economy of Spain, Greece and partly Italy is in a difficult situation. The states should go for cut in expenditure that causes indignation of inhabitants. Also economic instability of several regions threatens the provision of euro - one of world reserve currencies.

The military conflicts, especially problem of Syria became a subject for discussions also and incessant war in Afghanistan is already a lot of years. Also the issue of the nuclear program of Iran was touched. In this case the leading countries have no consensus. Though nobody wants further distribution of the nuclear weapon, Russia costs on softer positions, than the USA. For example, the Russian experts took part in construction of EEC in the Iranian city of Bushehr to help the country to use nuclear energy in the peace purposes.

The format of the summit included also individual meetings of heads of states, including, the president Obama with the prime minister Medvedev.