How to clean color at a badge

How to clean color at a badge

If inscriptions of labels on a desktop of the Windows operating system constantly have one-color background filling and look as if labels are constantly allocated, the reason for that can be hidden in the OS wrong settings. Such settings able to affect lack of transparency of a background of inscriptions, in system exists a little.

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Start the Properties of System component of your operating system - right-click a label "My computer" on a desktop and choose in a context menu the line "Properties". An alternative way of start of this component - to use a combination of "hotkeys" of win + pause.


Press the Parameters button placed on In the addition tab in a component window. Buttons with this inscription there a little - you need that from them which is placed in the section "Speed".


Put down grade near an inscription "Special effects" if this installation is noted yet. In the list of effects placed below find and expose a tag in a chekboksa of the line "Rejection of Shadows Badges on a Desktop". Press the OK button to record the made changes.


If in such a way to clean a background under inscriptions of labels it will not turn out, when using Windows XP OS, it is possible to select the Properties item in a context menu, the appearing ambassador of click by the right button of a mouse on desktop space, free from labels.


Open the Desktop Elements window, having clicked on the Control of a Desktop button on the Desktop tab.


Pass to the Web tab of the opened window and clean a tag at an inscription "To fix desktop elements". After that remove all tags in chekboksa of the list which is below an inscription of "Web page".


Press the OK buttons in both open windows with installations of properties of the screen to record the made changes.


Be convinced that in system the mode of the increased contrast if background filling under inscriptions of labels still is present is not used. Access to the corresponding control can be got via the control panel - the reference to it is placed in the main menu of Windows on the Start-up button. Having started the panel, click an inscription "Special opportunities".


Click the link "Control of Contrast of the Text and Colour of the Screen" placed in the section "Choose a Task". Then clean a mark near an inscription "High contrast" and record changes by pressing of the OK button.