How to distinguish a fake of a French perfume

How to distinguish a fake of a French perfume

French perfume differs in special firmness and variety of attractive aromas. And not to be disappointed in the acquired perfume, it is necessary to know how to distinguish a fake from the original.

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Attentively study packing - it should not be rumpled. Material of which it is made, can be only high quality, and the cellophane covering a box – thin or to be absent at all. Printing registration of the original always rather accurate, all inscriptions are printed is legible and is accurate.

Pay attention to writing of the producer. It has to coincide in accuracy with the original name of a brand. If you noticed rearranged by places, excess or missing letters, before you a fake. Check that on packing date of production, an expiration date and structure of spirits was surely specified.

Study a bar code. At the spirits made in France it will begin with figure 3. Under it you will see number consisting of figures and letters which has to coincide in cipher, applied on a bottle.

Examine a bottle. At the real French perfume it will be made of the pure and transparent glass which does not have any pomutneniye and roughnesses. The cover should not be made of metal is at all a strong indication of a fake as because of contact with this material spirits spoil. Besides, the original bottle is always well fixed on a support.

Look at spirits. Liquid has to be transparent, not having a deposit. Color of original spirits varies from dark yellow to pale-yellow, but will never be too bright and unnatural.

Pay attention to the price. A qualitative French perfume costs rather much. It is best of all to buy perfume in specialized shops. There the percent of fakes is much lower, than in the markets or in departments of cosmetics.

Look at a sampler. If it is made in the form of a pencil, before you precisely a fake. Original samplers represent an exact miniature of a bottle.

For check of firmness of aroma apply a drop of perfume on a wrist. The real spirits will have the strong, concentrated smell, and in 15 minutes you will be able to feel all subtlety of aroma. Aroma of counterfeit spirits during this time will strongly weaken or at all will evaporate. Original spirits keep from 18 to 48 hours.