How to arrange the room beautifully

How to arrange the room beautifully

Each owner wants that his house was beautiful. How it is correct to arrange the room and to give it comfort and unique style? There is no uniform recipe, because at everyone the taste. But there are basic principles which will help with this difficult business.

In order that in the room it was cozy and beautiful, it is worth adhering to certain rules. They are not obligatory, but allow to arrange the room beautifully.

It is required to you

Pieces of furniture, accessories and good taste.

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At arrangement of furniture it is necessary to consider all household processes. A workplace – near a window, the vacation spot – in the center, a berth – in the most dark part of the room.


You should not put a desktop on pass. The bookcase is better to arrange near a desk. It is better to put a dining table closer to a case with ware or to a sideboard.


The furniture should not prevent owners of the room to move on it. If in the room lives some people, passes have to be broader, than, for example, in a bedroom for two.


It is necessary to choose such pieces of furniture which are harmoniously combined with each other. Well if it is a furniture set in uniform style. Better that material of which the furniture is made, will be in harmony with a floor and windows.


It is impossible to place too large number of subjects to the room. It will give it a type of a den and will deprive of feeling of volume. It is beautiful to arrange the room it is possible only at observance of sense of proportion.


All subjects in the room have to be combined not only on style, but also on color. Otherwise the room will remind the artist's palette, and the complete perception will not arise.


If you want to recover an interior bright shades, choose for this purpose small subjects. A small amount of small bright spots will allow to make interesting any room. But do not overload the room with accessories.


Choose style in which you want to arrange the room and adhere to it. Do not combine the incongruous - east carpet is inappropriate in the room of style a high tech.


Before starting placing furniture, think over everything. Draw the plan of the room on paper and try to place at first furniture in drawing.